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Clover Nipple Clamps

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Test Your Limits with Clover Nipple Clamps

A simple but clever mechanism makes clover nipple clamps brilliant. They are designed in a way that increases the pressure whenever the dom pulls on the chain.

Clover clamps are often incorporated in rope play and they’re a standard piece of BDSM gear. They go a step further from regular nipple clamps and clit clamps. Most often, the two clover clamps (also known as butterfly clamps) are attached with a chai to each other. You can get really playful with such a set and inflict a bit of pain to awaken all senses and bring a new dimension to sexual pleasure.

In some instances, clover clamps can feature attachable weights. These replace the chain and add the pressure required to increase the squeezing effect. Weighted clover nipple clamps look really good and they can be a visual turn-on for both parties involved.

Should you try clover nipple clamps? That depends on your pain tolerance and openness to new experiences in the bedroom.

If you’ve already tried regular nipple clamps and would like to go for something a bit more intense, clover clamps would be the logical choice. You can use them with other types of BDSM gear on their own. A perfect addition to foreplay and sex sessions, clover clamps can tease and excite. And as the pressure is easily adjustable, you’ll get an opportunity to determine exactly how much tolerance for pain you have during sex.

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