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Men's Jock Straps

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Reveal Just Enough with a Men’s Jock Strap

What started out as a piece of athletic attire is now a tremendously important part of gay culture. The jock strap is something you must try if you believe in the importance of visual stimulation during sex.

The premise is so simple, which is probably one of the reasons why jockstraps work so well. A pouch in the front gives you a little bit of coverage while the back of the jock strap gets you completely exposed. While considered mainly a piece of gay attire, a jock strap is also an amazing choice for straight and bi couples that want to enjoy the freshness that lingerie brings to the table.

Jock straps come in many styles and they can be constructed from various materials. There is always the classic athletic jock strap. But you’ll also find jock straps made from leather (to give you those super cool and erotic BDSM vibes), lace jock straps, mesh jock straps and various other options.

There are also more complex and intricate options worth checking out – body harness and jock strap combos do exist. They look awesome against the hardness of the male body and highlight just the areas that need to have attention drawn to them.

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