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Clitoral Vibrators

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A Clitoral Vibrator Gives You a No-Hassle Pleasure Explosion

How do you like to have your clit stimulated? Slow and steady? Hard and fast? A clitoral vibrator can do both and then some more.

Clitoral vibes take you on a one-way journey to orgasm town every single time. They deliver precise, consistent and intense stimulation that builds up until you climax in the most satisfying way.

Several popular designs make clitoral vibrators very effective. Many of these are compact and they feature a narrow tip that concentrates the vibrations exactly where they are needed. Alternatively, a clitoral vibe can have a flicking tongue or it will feature rabbit-like ears that flutter against the clit.

Some vibes have an entire pad that vibrates against both the clit and the labia. While they don’t concentrate stimulation in the way that the other vibes do, their use can be a lot more versatile and all-encompassing.

A clit vibe is usually a great choice for other kinds of stimulation, as well. The tip will feel super sensitive and pleasurable against erogenous zones like the nipples, belly, neck, thighs, the anal area, the testicles and penile shaft.

You can also combine the use of your favorite clitoral vibe with another toy. Using it alongside a G-spot   vibrator will help you reach all of those nerve endings. This way, you’ll get to enjoy a full-body blended orgasm that may be difficult to achieve any other way.

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