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Nipple Vibrators

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A Whole New World of Pleasure Opens Up with a Nipple Vibrator

The nipple vibrator is a sex toy that targets a very sensitive erogenous zone and produces intense sensations. Some people have even managed to experience a highly coveted (but elusive) nipple orgasm through the use of this nifty little gadget.

Vibrating nipple toys can offer just pulsations or these can be paired with suction for a bit more intensity.

A number of nipple suckers can also vibrate, giving you the two-in-one experience. Other designs focus on various vibration patterns. These vibrators have a small tip that concentrates the vibrations and targets them towards the nipples.

The best aspect of having a nipple vibrator is that the design often allows the use of the toy on other erogenous zones. A number of these vibes can also be used on the clit and any other spot that you’d like to have activated during foreplay.

High quality nipple vibrators have an intuitive design, easy controls and solid construction. The material this product is made of will also matter. Look for options crafted from medical-grade silicone. It’s considered one of the safest materials and it’s also very long-lived. Plastic and metal elements added to the construction also contribute to a durable vibrator you’ll get to enjoy in the long run.

A few additional things you’d want to pay attention to include whether the vibrator is waterproof, the availability of a wireless remote, the lifespan of the rechargeable battery (if the vibe is equipped with one) and the range of vibration settings (both speeds and patterns).

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