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Purple Dildos

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Elegant Pleasure with a Purple Dildo

Purple dildos look amazing. Saturated and distinctive, purple is the kind of color that takes an item out of the adult product category and into the realm of beautiful accessories.

Because purple is such a lovely and demanded color, lots of manufacturers have purple dildos in their collections. From pastel shades to saturated aubergines, you’ll find lots of beautiful choices color-wise.

The color variations, however, aren’t the only ones worth checking out.

Start with the size. A 5-inch or 6-inch dildo will give you tremendous versatility. It’s the perfect choice for beginners. Seven-inch dildos are a bit more intense but still manageable. Larger dildos will give you more of a stretch. They’re tremendously fulfilling for people who already have some experience with such toys.

Purple dildos also need to be made of the right material.

Medical-grade silicone, bodysafe thermoplastics and glass are all wonderful choices. They will, however, deliver very different experiences. The flexibility of thermoplastics and their flesh-like properties have nothing to do with the hefty stiffness and coldness of glass.

Finally, figure out what kind of purple dildo you’d want design-wise. There are streamlined, ergonomic probes for effortless penetration. Curved dildos are amazing for G-spot and prostate stimulation. And if you need something extra in order to come, choose a textured purple dildo. The swirls and veining going down the shaft of your toy will give you the kind of sensation required to get you over the edge.

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