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Garter Belts

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Make Your Legs Even Longer with a Garter Belt

Garter belts have been around since forever and today, they’re considered a classic kind of sexy lingerie. While the original purpose of garters is to keep stockings in place, they have now become much more erotic and less focused on the functional.

A garter belt can be worn on its own, some are meant to be attached to a corset. The garters attach to stockings, keeping them in place and also creating the visual of longer legs. When paired with a belt, garters also help accentuate that hourglass silhouette and highlight your juicy curves.

If you’re interested in garter belts, you’ll find a number of options.

The most typical distinction is between fixed and adjustable garters. Obviously, the second variety will give you a better fit with every pair of stockings. Some garter belts may even come with built-in stockings (in that case the garters themselves will have a faux design), giving you an entire set that is cohesive and featuring the same level of craftsmanship all over.

You’ll also find a number of garter belt/panty combos that match in color. Some of the sets could also feature a bra for the perfect matching outfit you can wear during special occasions with a lover.

And if a garter belt isn’t exactly your thing, you can always opt for a garter skirt. While it does provide a bit more coverage, a garter skirt is still very flirtatious and sexy.

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