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Garter Stockings

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Make Your Legs the Stars of the Show with Garter Stockings

Garter stockings look so beautiful on your legs, making them appear even more shapely and longer than ever before.

The term refers to stockings with built-in garters. In that case, the garters are usually just decorative and fixed, attaching the stockings to the upper part of the lingerie piece (a garter belt, a corset or a pair of panties).

Garter stockings can have a clean, sheer design or they can be a bit more decorative. Some of the most intricate models have intricate patterns going all the way up, making the stockings the star of the show. These pair really well with simpler lingerie pieces and direct all of the attention to the legs.

You can put garter stockings on for a special occasion or have some sexy fun throughout the day. Simpler designs will look incredible with everyday outfits, even if you have to put business attire on.

Garter stockings pair incredibly well with various other kinds of lingerie. They look super sexy with teddies, babydolls, bra and panty sets and even with sexy costumes.

While most garter stockings are available in one size, there may be products with a couple of different versions (at least a regular and a queen size). if the garter stockings attach to a belt or a corset, you should most definitely check the available sizes to make sure the fit is just right.

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