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Sex Toy Cleaners

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Be Responsible, Use a Good Sex Toy Cleaner

You will benefit from simplicity and impeccable hygiene through the use of the right sex toy cleaner. Mild and properly formulated, it’s gentle towards the materials that your sex toys are made of while being uncompromising towards bacteria, dirt and anything else that needs to be removed from the surface.

There are a few things you need to consider when looking for the best sex toy cleaner.

The first one is the material that your sex toys are made of. If you own silicone sex toys, cleaners that have a lower pH and natural ingredients (like botanicals) will always be the safest choice. Water-based cleaners are typically compatible with all sex toys. To be on the safe side (especially if you have various kinds of sex toys in need of cleaning), look for formulas that are completely free from silicones.

Also, check out the manner in which the cleaner is meant to be used.

Some products will have you pouring a small amount in warm water, getting your toys fully submerged. This scenario, however, isn’t recommended for toys that aren’t waterproof (especially if they are motor-powered).

Cleaning mists and sprays offer a viable alternative that has you avoiding the submersion in water. If you choose such a product, make sure it has antibacterial properties to fully get rid of the disease-causing agents that may be on your toys. This is especially important for the people who share their toys with a partner.

Which brings us to the final point. If you get a cleaner that forms some foam, you will always need to rinse your toys thoroughly after you’re done sanitizing. No-rinse formulas offer a practical alternative that’s especially great for use on the go (and these usually come in the form of sprays or mists).

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