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Chastity Belts & Devices

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Tantalizing Abstinence with Chastity Belts & Devices

What could be hotter for a dominant partner than being in charge of a partner’s orgasms and when they’re going to experience such pleasure? Chastity belts and devices take power play to a whole new level. They’re ideal for people in BDSM relationships and for those who’d like to experience something brand new and very different from other kinds of erotic play.

The name says it all – these belts and devices are usually equipped with a lock and put over the genitals. The dominant party is the one who has the key and decides when to take the device off. Until that happens, a submissive partner will be denied an orgasm or any kind of sexual stimulation.

Chastity devices for guys come in the form of a penis cage. Not only does a penis cage make an orgasm impossible, it also interferes with erections. These become painful and impossible to maintain, especially if the device is worn for prolonged periods of time.

Chastity belts are mainly designed for women and they can have metal or leather elements (or both). These devices allow some adjustability, ensuring a good fit and making a belt a good choice for prolonged use.

Using a chastity device builds trust and intimacy. This can be a tremendous turn-on, even if you’re not practicing BDSM in your relationship. Your partner’s desire to use such an item with you is indicative of trust and that can lead to amazingly hot bedroom sessions once the device is taken off.

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