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Male Chastity Accessories

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Demand Complete Obedience with Male Chastity Accessories

Getting a partner to engage in complete abstinence (that you have the power to end) can be such a tremendous turn-on. This is the main reason why so many people explore male chastity accessories and have a real thing for orgasm denial.

Orgasm denial is a niche part of power play dynamics. Having a submissive give up bodily autonomy and let a partner control when and how they experience sexual pleasure is the ultimate form of belonging. Orgasm denial can tease but at the same time, it can be a massively arousing experience for everyone involved.

Male chastity devices usually come in the form of penis cages and chastity belts.

A chastity belt (unless it’s made of metal) is softer than a penis cage. It is usually constructed from leather and it features a padlock that the dominant party can control.

Penis cages aren’t just used for orgasm denial. Made of stainless steel and other bodysafe metals, these cages make an erection impossible to achieve or quite painful. Some men have experimented with penis cages for prolonged periods of time, getting a kick out of that disciplining experience.

While chastity accessories aren’t for everyone, they can lead to tremendously hot sex when taken off. If the idea of having someone else dominate and control you comprehensively sounds exciting, a chastity accessory may be a good option worth exploring.

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