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Plastic Chastity Cages

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Get in the World of Orgasm Denial with Plastic Chastity Cages

Pleasure and orgasm denial rank as the ultimate form of domination. These can be easy to achieve with simple and highly effective contraptions like plastic chastity cages.

A plastic penis cage is a great choice for everyone, even newbies to this niche kink world. Plastic isn’t as hard as stainless steel and it feels a bit more accommodating. Just make sure the penis chastity cage you’re getting is correctly sized for a good experience.

With this kind of cage, you give up control and bodily autonomy altogether.  While this may seem a bit weird at first, this type of experience is described as incredibly empowering and liberating by practitioners. Having somebody else being in charge of your arousal and gratification builds intimacy and trust. Eventually, the use of plastic chastity cages can lead to the most explosive sex ever.

The aim of the cage is to keep you from pleasing yourself. In fact, the right design can even make erections difficult or painful to achieve. In a world of instant gratification, chastity cages are becoming increasingly popular. They are gatekeeping something we all take for granted. Because of this function, cages can help you discover new aspects of intimacy through power play.

You’ll find various styles of plastic cages. Some look like an actual cage, some are designed like a sleeve that envelops the entire penis. Most cages feature a padlock that allows a dominant partner to lock the contraption in place. Some of the cages also have a ring going around the testicles for added intensity and a multi-dimensional experience.

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