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Sportsheets Sexy Slave Kit

Sportsheets  |  UPC: 646709680039
$30.99 $49.99

Product Overview

  • Hosts a collection of accessories that will make the perfect addition to any kinky evening you have planned or envisioned
  • Includes a silky soft blindfold, 4 soft cuffs, 4 connector straps and a feather tickler
  • Perfectly unisex, and great for beginners and lovers of romance and sensuality
  • No bed posts needed, and sets up easily in minutes
  • Indulge in some sensory deprivation fun with the included blindfold
  • Turn any bed into a bondage playground with this must-have kit that’s perfect for fetish play and BDSM!

Product Description

Been daydreaming of a sexy new way to turn up the heat on your love life? This Sexy Submissive Kit gives you everything you need to bring a new fantasy to life in a playful, sensual, and easy way.

Two sets of restraints, a blindfold, and feather tickler make it fun to flirt with new extremes. The adjustable bondage cuffs feature long straps that attach to most furniture, turning any room into a sweltering dungeon. The comfortable blindfold makes every touch, tease, and tickle a surprise to your partner, heightening each sensation. The rooster-feather tickler will have them torn between laughter and longing as they are pushed towards sexual desperation.

Set in a gorgeous bright red hue, this kit makes a great surprise gift to spice up the bedroom! Beginners will absolutely love this set, but so will experienced players that enjoy a touch of gentleness and romance in their BDSM.

Sportsheets Sexy Slave Kit

Sportsheets Sexy Slave Kit

$30.99 $49.99







Insertable Length





Polyester, Polypropylene, Feathers, Elastane, PVC, Nylon

Power Type



Flexible, Smooth Surface
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