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Silicone Ball Spreader

CalExotics  |  UPC: 716770087386
$7.99 $12.99

Product Overview

  • Innovative and easy to use, 3 rings in one, ball spreader and C-ring
  • Super flexible and easy-stretch silicone gives safe and firm constriction, while delivering enough to enhance erectile strength
  • Ideal for solo sessions/edging or coupled intercourse, maximizing go-time and delaying ejaculation, while enhancing it when it occurs
  • Compact, discreet and totally silent requiring no batteries or maintenance other than cleaning
  • The ideal male accessory for men
  • Stretches to fit any-sized male, and can be enjoyed by first time or experienced users
  • Use only as directed, full instructions included
  • Use water based lubricants only

Product Description

The simple to use, discreet and innovative Silicone Ball Spreader features durably soft and super-stretch silicone, which expands to fit around each part of the male anatomy. It delivers supreme erection-enhancing capabilities, and increases sensitivity, stamina and arousal for each partner, or can be enjoyed solo, for the ultimate edging and self-adorning accessory.

The single cast, seamless Silicone Ball Spreader is separated into three separate rings, letting users encircle the shaft and each testicle independently, while maintaining a comforting and safe level of stimulating arousal. Natural thickness and increased hardness is achieved with safe constriction, preventing back flow from the spongiform tissue of the male erection. This level of enhancement is useful not only in providing a new level of hardness, but delays the ejaculation response and intensifies the experience exponentially when it does arrive.

Super flexible and compact, the Silicone Ball Spreader can fold down and fit into your pocket, even your wallet, just like a rubber, although it’s not intended as a birth control or safe sex device. The premium, body safe silicone is easiest of all to clean, and won’t grab or pinch at hair or skin. A little water based lube can be employed to enhance the fitting as required. Enjoy pleasing arousal and extended performance as never before, with the design working in wonderfully with existing BDSM or other accessory/adornment items, it’s the functional, feel-good and commanding accessory for every serious player who likes to look and feel their very best, for longer.

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Silicone Ball Spreader

Silicone Ball Spreader

$7.99 $12.99






3" - 5"

Insertable Length



2" - 3"



Power Type



Flexible, Phthalate-Free, Smooth Surface, Waterproof
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