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Rinservice Anal Douche Bulb

Si Novelties  |  UPC: 752875950019
$15.99 $25.99

Product Overview

  • Features a longer applicator than most, with a 360° spray nozzle, giving you better reach and more clean per use
  • Ideal for a quick refresh, or refill multiple times for a deeply-satisfying and more total cleanse
  • Sleek design with ergonomic squeeze bulb and curved applicator lets you insert and use easier
  • FDA/EU registered enema bulb, passing body safe and design requirements for design and materials
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain, with simple refill operation and quickly drying between washes before and after use

Product Description

With slightly longer reach, and a multi-directional nozzle, this anal douche bulb also holds more fluid while still retaining the compact and discreet attributes we search for in a product that is made to move with us and our lifestyles. The ultimate in easy clean efficiency, comfort and flexible comfort, this is one accessory that is a must have for the serious anal player, or for anyone who is serious about their personal and sexual hygiene.

For the ultimate in prepping pleasure, simply unscrew the flexible rubber tip and fill with lukewarm (preferably filtered) water, and use once or twice for a quick refresh and preparatory cleanse, or use a few fills to give yourself a deeper, fuller cleanse, where most toys and lubes simply never reach. The ergonomic, slick-looking anal douche bulb is as visually appealing as it is efficiently gratifying to use.

A naturally curved applicator tip is softly flexible and smooth for ease of entry, and is also curved to follow the natural shape of your body and how its best to reach when inserting. Use water based lubricants for a smooth and effortless insertion, and enjoy the freedom, comfort and confidence of being prepared, with the highest quality and FDA/EU approved anal douche bulb.

Easy to clean and made from body safe materials, the sleek ergonomics make cleaning/drying as easy as it is to use and an absolute pleasure to prepare and freshen with every time!

Rinservice Anal Douche Bulb
Si Novelties

Rinservice Anal Douche Bulb

$15.99 $25.99






0 - 3"

Insertable Length






Power Type



Flexible, Smooth Surface, Waterproof, Phthalate-Free
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