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Pipedream Extreme Sex Doll Head

Pipedream  |  UPC: 603912297065
$331.99 $538.99
Color: Blonde

Product Overview

  • Incredible realism and detail, with deep blue eyes that blink and roll in ecstasy, as well as give you a wistful, naughty look as you walk around the room
  • Silky-soft, natural feeling hair which can be styled as well as scrunched, or even pulled a little if you think she’ll like it rough
  • Powerful suction base mounts to most flat surfaces including tabletops, benches, walls, tiles, and bathroom recesses, etc.
  • Phthalate-free and completely waterproof makes clean up time in the shower so easy to do
  • May become habit-forming as the realism, company, and sensations are almost out of this world!

Product Description

Oral action meets the 21st century in a realistic face (sex doll head) pounding doll. Fully mountable via the sturdy suction base, or use with one or both hands. It’s so good, and the realistic hair will toss and turn, the neck tuning and tilting, bobbing much like a real live hottie, savoring your heat inside her mouth and deep throat. A very lifelike, sex doll head, where the eyes roll and blink and even follow you around the room! It’s ideal for the oral fanatic who can’t get enough mouth around their package. This girl is up for it anytime and has no gag reflex, and will swallow whatever you fill her with…

Pipedream’s realistic Fantaflesh® is soft and supple, giving life to what becomes more than just a doll once the lights are dimmed and the music is soft. Her hair is just right for scrunching, teasing or even pulling, but she would love you to brush it and maybe even curl it or put it up for her once in a while. She’d really like to say thank you for that, in a very special way…

The sex doll head has pouting lips that are craving just one thing… and they can look better with some lipstick or gloss, so don’t be shy by helping a girl out to look her best before playtime. She never says no, and is always ready for her favorite pastime, which is eating your dick, right up to the hilt, relishing the moment when you fill her throat with your hot, pumping climax. They might seem a lot stronger and more intense since you got the doll… don’t they? You’ll see…

There’s something thrilling about having a plaything on call. You can do her hair and lips, maybe buy her a hat or sunglasses, and even put her in a special place so she’s waiting for you when you get home! She’ll always be there and she’ll always want to do it. She won’t complain and there are no sharp edges in her pretty little mouth, just tenderness and a taste for your manhood inside her. Aha!

Pipedream Extreme Sex Doll Head

Pipedream Extreme Sex Doll Head

$331.99 $538.99







9" - 12"

Insertable Length





Fantaflesh, TPR

Power Type



Flexible, Phthalate-Free, Realistic, Smooth Surface
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