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Icicles No. 77 Princess Anal Plug

Icicles  |  UPC: 603912747515
$31.99 $51.99

Product Overview

  • Handmade/blown borosilicate glass is durable, body safe and designed for any level of play, delicate or super-hardcore
  • Stunning black finish to glass with intricate rose carving on base makes for a truly unique accessory
  • Temperature tolerant, glass can be heated gently or cooled with ice water/freezing prior to use for extra variation
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, nonporous and body safe, glass is the ideal material for anal toys!
  • Tapered tip with wider bulb and narrow base gives full feeling while still adding reach and making insertion easier

Product Description

Elegantly sophisticated and stunningly handcrafted, this hand blown, borosilicate, glass rose, princess anal plug features a sleek black finish and gorgeous rose-shaped base. The tip is extended, for increased pleasure and ease on entry, the main body is wide enough to give a pleasing stretch, even for the novice; the narrow stem and flared base is excellent at preventing unwanted travel while holding the plug perfectly in place.

The most ideal material for anal accessories, yes, glass is naturally nonporous and has a sleek, smooth, gliding feel that is only heightened by lubrication, be it added or your own. It will quickly warm to the body’s own temperature, but easily tolerates heating or cooling for extra erotic effect, even boiling to sterilize. Where other toys seem to tire or become dull and marked with age/use, glass retains its brilliance and, if cared for properly, will last a lifetime of pleasure and appeal…

Suitable for any gender and skill level, the glass rose princess anal plug also makes the perfect gift or signal, surprising your partner that you’re ready to explore the wonders and subtle delights of anal play, or to simply adorn yourself and accentuate a mood, feeling or outfit. Perfectly suited to longer term as well as shorter term use, the intensity of glass is best experienced in tandem with some front end stimulation from oral, masturbation or penetration, letting you discover how intense and satisfying climax can be, easily incorporating the smooth firmness of glass into otherwise ordinary, routine play.

Icicles No. 77 Princess Anal Plug

Icicles No. 77 Princess Anal Plug

$31.99 $51.99






3" - 5"

Insertable Length

0 - 5"


1" - 2"



Power Type



Hypoallergenic, Smooth Surface, Waterproof
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