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Icicles Glass Ben Wa Balls

Icicles  |  SKU: PD2942-00  |  Barcode: 603912323351

$2399 $3799

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Product Overview

  • Visually stunning, hand blown borosilicate glass, which has the perfect size and weight for beginners, or those with less pelvic hold than most
  • Perfect for post-partum or pelvic floor training, with a focus on pleasurable sensations over concentrating too hard on retaining the balls
  • Completely non-toxic and safe material to use internally
  • Easily cleaned and sterilized with boiling water or your favorite toy cleaner
  • Increases arousal and intensifies other sexual stimulation (clitoral/anal), with many users reporting intense and more frequent, powerful orgasms after regular use
  • Easily inserted, and can be worn all day if desired
  • Best results are seen with regular use which maintains interest
  • Not hard, given the increase in sexual arousal and potency of climax

Product Description

Hand blown glass ben wa balls are the perfect introduction to internal arousal while strengthening your core pelvic floor muscles. Regular use can support stronger grip, powerful flexion and improved continence, as well as more frequent and intense orgasms, with or without the use of ben wa balls.

Just as walking or running can strengthen our legs and lungs, the use of specific, internal exercises (contracting, holding and relaxing) can help us achieve the same end when it comes to the complex, yet easily remedied pelvic floor problems so many women face, especially in post-partum phases, or simply with aging.

Glass ben wa balls are an excellent integration into existing kegel exercise programs, or can be used intuitively by yourself internally. The weight and natural reflex to retain them is beneficial with continued sessions. The natural movement of the solid and smooth glass inside you and around each other as they move as you move, makes for increased states of arousal, fuller feelings of excitement during anal or clitoral stimulation, and incredible, more intense and whole body orgasms! Wow, huh?

The glass ben wa balls can be heated or cooled to your liking prior to insertion, and will warm quickly to your own body temperature if used as is. Expertly crafted by hand from solid, shatterproof glass, these glass ben wa balls are made to last the user a lifetime of serviced pleasure, if maintained and cared for by keeping them chip and scratch free.



Ball Circumference: 1.25" (medium)


Flexibility: Fixed
Material: Solid borosilicate glass
Color: Clear
Texture: Smooth
Waterproof: Waterproof


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Icicles Glass Ben Wa Balls

Icicles Glass Ben Wa Balls

$2399 $3799







Insertable Length



1" - 2"



Power Type



Hypoallergenic, Smooth Surface, Waterproof
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