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Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Swing

Pipedream  |  Barcode: 603912184426
$18399 $25799

Product Overview

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Parts
  • Metal support bar and torsion spring
  • Two large padded supports for the butt and back
  • Two small padded stirrups for legs
  • Fully adjustable nylon straps
  • Quick and easy installation

Product Description

Spice up your sex life with the Fantasy Swing! It is an exciting swing as you can install it easily in almost any room and have it ready to use within a few minutes. The Fantasy Swing is a single-support sex swing with one metal support bar suspended from a heavy-duty eyelet bolt and link chain.

The Fantasy Swing is made from heavy-duty nylon straps that adjust in length and comes with wide nylon butt and back supports that are padded with neoprene, supporting your butt and back and allowing you to position your body in close-to-impossible positions. Two smaller padded leg stirrups hold your feet or legs. Please note that the Fantasy Swing is rated for weights of up to 350 lbs and should be used with caution.

You can easily install the Fantasy Swing at home with a few essential tools. You will need a hand drill, a hammer, and a large screwdriver to help you screw the heavy-duty eyelet bolt into a beam. Once you securely fasten the eyelet bolt into the beam, ensuring all the threads are concealed in the wood, you need to hang the swing. Please note that you should consider the weight of the user(s), and if the weight is less than 200 lbs, you need to attach the torsion spring, and if the weight of the user(s) is more than 200 lbs, then you need to use the Fantasy swing without the torsion spring.

WARNING:Suggested weight limit not to exceed 350 lbs. Install and use at your own risk.

Categories: Pipedream, Sex Swings

Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Swing

Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Swing

$18399 $25799