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CleanStream Water Bottle Anal Cleansing Kit

XR Brands  |  UPC: 811847018536
$23.99 $34.99

Product Overview

  • Unisex design, easy to use and an effective cleaning system
  • Easy hang hook and flow control clamp ensure ease of operation
  • The specially designed flexible hose and nozzle are made for maximum comfort and are easy to clean
  • Totally waterproof and stows/transports easily
  • Phthalate-free, natural rubber/ABS construction

Product Description

The Cleanstream anal douche and enema water bottle anal cleansing kit is a simple and effective package, designed with ease of use, functionality and convenience in mind. Everything is included for a comfortable and thorough cleanse.

It’s probably the most overlooked part of anal play - keeping it all squeaky clean! This kit makes it so easy and an excellent prelude to anal play, ensuring both cleanliness and hygiene for you and your loved one.

Premium, durable rubber holds around two quarts of water, more than enough for a full colonic, or the bag can be half-filled for a refreshing cleanse prior to play. The five feet of flexible hose and the flexible insert ensures maximum ease of use and comfort during your cleanse.

Being flat and flexible, this kit is made for convenient storage and is especially well designed for travel. It’s great to use at home, but being so versatile, it can go anywhere with you and takes just seconds to set up.

Colonic health is more popular today than ever, with many people realizing the importance of a healthy lower digestive system and colon. Those who also enjoy anal play are aware of the importance of keeping it clean, ensuring hygienic fun, as well as the maintenance of equipment, and of course, their own body! This complete kit is ready to use in seconds and is the perfect accessory to prepare for anal play or just for maintaining a clean and healthful colon. First time and experienced users agree: it’s the simplest way to maintain hygiene and colon health.

Durable, body safe rubber with ABS construction, including a flexible hose and insert. Also including a simple, in-line cap which is pressed not turned, and makes this one of the easiest and simplest, most practical anal douche kit available.

CleanStream Water Bottle Anal Cleansing Kit
XR Brands

CleanStream Water Bottle Anal Cleansing Kit

$23.99 $34.99







Insertable Length

0 - 5"




Rubber, ABS (plastic)

Power Type



Flexible, Phthalate-Free, Smooth Surface, Waterproof
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