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CleanStream Deluxe Shower Enema Set

XR Brands  |  UPC: 811847010172
$70.99 $102.99

Product Overview

  • Surgical stainless steel construction offers hygienic and conveniently private anal/vaginal douche and/or enema
  • 6 feet long, segmented stainless steel hose for ease of use/reach, without being bulky or awkward
  • Set contains two comfortable heads, useful for either douche or enema in brilliant stainless steel
  • The narrow, bonus head is ideal for vaginal douching
  • Can be easily installed as a permanent feature in your bathroom wet area for convenient and private douching/enema or high colonic
  • Enables personal hygiene/cleanliness before anal play or for vaginal douching

Product Description

The bestselling Clean Stream™ shower enema now comes with an extra- long, six feet of flexible hose and a narrow attachment, making for a choice of two attachments in total, and an at home shower enema or douche experience that is so convenient and practical, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

Keeping fresh, hygienic and clean when it comes to anal play is so important. It’s often overlooked or not even mentioned when people buy a new toy or venture into the very real ‘pleasure castle’ that is anal play. Vaginal douching is a personal hygiene preference for many women also; this shower enema system offers practical and private options for both.

We all have and enjoy showers, but cleaning yourself safely and effectively internally are key, especially when entertaining anal play. The Clean Stream™ Deluxe set is a trusted and bestselling brand. It now features an even longer hose. Yes, 6 feet, giving you plenty of room for ease of use and comfort.

The shower enema now comes equipped with two comfortable nozzles, a bonus; narrower nozzle is also included with each set. The larger, 5 inch nozzle is ideal for anal douching or an at home colonic/enema, while the smaller, 3.5 inch attachment is perfect for vaginal douching.

The shower enema set is easy to install, offering a permanent feature with the ease of convenience and hygiene, giving you the power of choice when it comes to internal hygiene and also enjoying the long term health benefits of regular, at home, colonic cleanses.

CleanStream Deluxe Shower Enema Set
XR Brands

CleanStream Deluxe Shower Enema Set

$70.99 $102.99







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