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Big Man Anal Douche

CalExotics  |  UPC: 716770087140
$25.99 $41.99

Product Overview

  • Special rounded tip, spiral insertable cleanser probe makes easy twist insertion for beginners, or added stimulation for experienced players a bonus over standard design bulb douches
  • Large squeeze bulb houses 14fl. oz. of fluid, making prep or clean up time a one-step operation for most users
  • Soft and flexible, but firm enough to penetrate you with a little lube and some easy relaxation
  • The ABS spiral applicator has a threaded base, easily fitting to the squeeze bulb section, giving a tight fit and seamless operation
  • The longer/thicker applicator of the cleansing probe gives more reach, getting you to clean deeper and more effectively while generating pre-play arousal

Product Description

This anal douche features a firmly flexible, spiraled, insertable cleanser probe, designed to excite and stimulate you while you prepare the most important aspect of anal play: keeping it clean! The oversized, body safe, PVC squeeze bulb attaches/unscrews easily from the rounded ABS probe, making filling the main bulb with up to 14 fl. oz. far easier, and this also makes for an easy clean up when you’re done.

A contoured, spiral cleanser probe sets this anal douche apart from the standard issue. In many ways, it’s ideal for the first timer. The spiral design allows for easier insertion, and by twisting the bulb, the corkscrew effect will guide the tip in, a lot simpler, especially if using a little water based lubricant. For the more experienced player, the contoured edges give extra stimulation, exciting you somewhat, making prep time more fun and certainly arousing.

The anal douche has a large squeeze bulb reservoir, holding 14 fl. oz., making preparation/cleaning ‘down there’ a one step process for many, without the need to refill the bulb. If you do need a second application, or enjoy using the anal douche as part of your play, then a refill is a simple unscrewing of the applicator probe, screwing it back into place when done.

Cleaning the anal douche is as easy as using it, with a soap and water/ toy cleaner application and rinse, patting or air drying and storing before the next use.

Big Man Anal Douche

Big Man Anal Douche

$25.99 $41.99







Insertable Length

5" - 6"


1" - 2"


ABS (plastic), PVC

Power Type



Waterproof, Phthalate-Free
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