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Anni Clover Princess Anal Plug

Diogol Sarl  |  UPC: 813324021442
$35.99 USD $49.99
Color: Silver

Product Overview

  • Small-sized plug, big time bling!
  • The stunning clover, genuine Swarovski accented base explodes with light, dazzling all who gaze upon it!
  • Seamless, smooth design with silver plated metallic finish that is durable as well as functionally stylish
  • Lightweight and waterproof, the narrow neck lets you easily retain the plug, with the flared round base sitting flush with your body as you sit, move, run, or even work out!
  • Smaller dimensions, but still heightens arousal and sexual response internally, making oral and intercourse a newfound pleasure all over again…
  • The ideal accessory to glam up sophisticated lingerie, outfits, or to suit your mood or occasion
  • Real quality shows and this piece is as good as it gets!

Product Description

This uniquely designed Clover Princess Anal Plug features a genuine and stunning Swarovski crystal set base, featuring a clover design in brilliant, diamond cut, clear crystal. Silver plated with a smooth and sleek finish, the petite plug is the perfect introduction to anal adornment or pleasure for new users, or a must-have accessory for those with an existing excitement toward all things ‘back door.’ Ideal for any gender, this piece is too special to keep hidden away and is a mandatory accessory for those who like to show a little sparkle from the rear!

Diogol are premier Parisian manufacturers of the highest quality and most sought after accessories. The Clover Princess Anal Plug not only looks stylishly luxurious and sophisticated; it has a firm and secure feeling when inserted, letting you wear it short or long term comfortably. In fact, the flat, flared, round base prevents unwanted travel, but also lets the plug sit flush. Ideal for wearing out and about, or even during the more strenuous daily activities like exercise, jogging; even swimming. The Clover Princess Anal Plug is fully waterproof and is as versatile and diverse as you are.

The silver plated, mirror metallic finish is hypoallergenic, nonporous and won’t fade or tarnish over time. It makes cleaning a lot simpler, with the temperature-tolerant material also being able to be gently heated or chilled prior to insertion for an extra thrill, as well as making cleaning and maintenance an absolute breeze!

Anni Clover Princess Anal Plug
Diogol Sarl

Anni Clover Princess Anal Plug

$35.99 USD $49.99








Insertable Length



0 - 1"



Power Type



Hypoallergenic, Smooth Surface, Waterproof
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