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Sex Toys for Beginners

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Enjoy Better Sex on the First Try with Sex Toys for Beginners

As exciting as it is, trying something new for the first time can also feel scary. With sex toys for beginners, you can enjoy incredible pleasure right off the bat. Non-threatening designs, intuitive pleasure features and user-friendly controls come together to put you in charge.

Many sex toys are ideal for beginners.

A few things you need to pay attention to when shopping include size, shape, features and ease of cleaning/maintenance.

Smaller sex toys are always the best choice for people lacking experience. If you’re buying a dildo, for example, five to seven inches will be ideal. The girth is also important – a large toy can cause lots of stretching that isn’t necessarily something you’d want to explore initially. Check out the insertable length and girth, these dimensions will determine usability.

As far as material goes, you’d want something a bit flexible, completely non-porous and easy to clean. Medical-grade silicone is all of those things. As an added bonus it’s hypoallergenic and fully waterproof.

The range of features will give you variety. It’s especially important for vibrators, sex toys for couples, cock rings, thrusting toys and other motor-powered items. Always look at the vibration/rotation/thrusting speeds and patterns. Having an easy to use controller will also determine how much fun you’ll be having. To make effortless adjustments in the heat of the moment, you’ll need something that feels intuitive in your hands.

Don’t be afraid of browsing and acquainting yourself with how sex toys work. Getting the right item and making sure it’s fully compatible with your needs will open the gates to a whole new world that you’ll be eager to keep on exploring.

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