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Original formulas handcrafted in the US set Sensuva personal care products apart from other similar options on the market.

Sensuva is well-known for its natural lubricants, arousal products, flavored lubes and massage oils, pheromone-infused products, anal play options, erotic cosmetics and gentle sex toy cleaners. Pleasure kits that bring together several thematically-connected Sensuva products have also gained a lot of popularity among consumers.

Every single Sensuva product is formulated for maximum effectiveness and safety. The ingredient list excludes fillers and additives like glycerin, parabens or petroleum derivatives. Botanicals infused in the fomrulas increase the effectiveness and deliver specialized benefits in a completely natural way.

Sensuva is the baby of Ron Anderson. The company’s founder understood the importance of natural living early enough and dedicated a lot of his time to such research. Anderson worked as a marketing consultant for a specialty cosmetics company. Eventually, Anderson started working with botanists and chemists on the development of natural product lines aimed at supporting health and wellbeing. Those early endeavors led to the establishment of Sensuva and the consistent expansion of the product range.

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