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Have the Hottest Oral Sex with an O-Ring Gag

Especially designed for power play during oral sex, O-ring gags can be tremendously exciting and arousing for both a dominant and a submissive partner.

The O-ring gag has such a simple design – the one thing that also makes it brilliant.

A metal O-ring is wrapped in thin leather and attached to straps. When put on correctly, an O-ring gag is meant to keep the mouth open. Understanding the purpose of this contraption is quite easy. No matter what they do, submissive individuals wouldn’t be capable of getting their mouth closed. Doms could really take advantage of such a scenario.

Also known as open mouth gags, these ones are very streamlined and user-friendly. The ring is crafted from a high quality metal like stainless steel. The straps are usually constructed from leather or vegan leather but alternatives do exist.

When shopping for an O-ring gag, make sure that it’s adjustable. It’s very important for the fit to be correct. The whole idea is for a submissive partner to be incapable of taking the gag off by themselves. For that to happen, the length of the O-ring gag has to be adjusted to perfection.

Speaking of size, do pay attention to the size of the O-ring itself. Smaller varieties are better suited to the needs of newbies. People who are more experienced can try bigger and thicker rings that spread the mouth open.

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