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K-Y Jelly

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K-Y Jelly

K-Y is the brand often credited with the creation of lube back in 1904. If there’s any company that knows a thing or two about the perfect glide, K-Y Jelly would be it.

K-Y was born in NYC and originally, the company’s products were only doctor-prescribed. That’s because it started its journey as a surgical lubricant manufacturer. Eventually, the product started being recognized as a high quality sexual lubricant because of its ability to supplement moisture during penetrative sex.

Since the start, K-Y Jelly has been a water-based product – a feature that set it apart from petroleum-based lubricants that were available at the time. By the 1980s, the original K-Y Jelly had become a sex staple available in just about every active bedroom.

Today, the K-Y range of lubes features a number of options including warming, tingling and other specialty products. K-Y also makes endurance products like duration sprays and gels. K-Y has also added silicone-based and hybrid lubricants to the original water-based offering.

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