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Empire Labs

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Empire Labs

Empire Labs is a true innovator in the world of sex toys and their offering is unparalleled. The company made headlines when it started offering DIY penis casting kits. With clone-a-willy, you can easily create an exact replica of an actual human penis and have some naughty fun with the result.

Essentially, you get to make your own dildo – that’s how personalized the Empire Labs offering gets.

The Empire Labs idea was introduced back in 1996 when the brand started making bodysafe materials used in the field of medicine. Primarily used for prosthetics, these materials were described as very flesh-like, hypoallergenic and highly customized.

In 1997, the realistic penis replica idea was born, allowing the Empire Labs entry into the world of adult toys.

All of the Empire Labs kits are still made in the company’s facility in Portland, Oregon. DIY penis casting kits are now sold all over the world and the concept has received coverage in more than one mainstream media outlet.

Eventually, Empire Labs added a Clone-A-Pussy offering to its product range. Both kits are user-friendly, entirely bodysafe and personalizable to an extent nobody would have deemed possible in the world of sex toys.

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