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Easy Toys

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Easy Toys

BDSM gear is the biggest Easy Toys specialty but the brand also delivers comprehensive offerings meant to make your sex life better.

Clever, conscious designs work together with high quality materials to give you a sleek, pleasurable, safe and user-friendly experience.

Cuffs, restraining systems, bondage sets, nipple clamps, collars and hogties – these are just a few of the things that Easy Toys specializes in. The company also makes various accessories for restraining and suspension systems, allowing you to fully customize the experience you’re about to enjoy with your partner.

Apart from these BDSM staples, Easy Toys also makes a number of kinkier/niche items that will appeal to BDSM pros and regular practitioners. Dildo gags, suction and vacuum toys are some of the choices. While a bit more “extreme,” these items have been designed for a completely safe and comfortable submissive experience. Ergonomic designs, padding and adjustability allow for the perfect fit that will be just the right amount of erotically uncomfortable or painful.

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