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Crystal Delights

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Crystal Delights

Handcrafted to perfection sex toys? Yes, please! That’s been the mission of Crystal Delights ever since the brand’s inception in 2008. The brand started as the maker of virtual adult items for Second Life users. Eventually, the concept proved so successful that actual sex toys started getting manufactured.

Crystal Delights accessories and toys aren’t just about functionality and ergonomic designs. Aesthetics also play an important role in how each item is conceptualized and executed. Just take a look at the company’s portfolio and you’ll definitely be mesmerized by all the colorful and vibrant creations.

The brand specializes in several adult product fields but it is mostly known for the glass tail plugs and classic butt plugs. That was the very first item that launched the Crystal Delights craze back in 2010. 

Some other prominent Crystal Delight offerings include dildos, massage wands, dilators and personal care items like lube.

Crystal Delights is also a socially-conscious brand. Its mission is to support various marginalized and underprivileged communities. Charitable donations, support for better sex-ed programs and support for numerous organizations/charities are just some of the initiatives that the company has been committed to through the years.

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