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Collars for Women

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Be Submissively Seductive with a Collar for Women

Apart from being a flagship part of BDSM gear, a collar is so incredibly seductive and sexy.

With a collar, you’ll feel even more connected to your lover. It’s a symbol of your belonging and also serves as a reminder of the power dynamics in your relationship.

A BDSM collar can be used on its own or it can be attached to a leash. Collar and nipple clamp combinations also exist, combining the kinky and the practical. You’ll get a lot of functional use out of such an item and it will guarantee the most thrillingly delicious pain-pleasure experience.

Quality collars like the ones featured in our collection are designed for comfort, safety and outstanding aesthetics.

You have a choice of various materials with leather and vegan leather being only two of the most prominent choices. Most collars also feature enough padding that makes them ideal for prolonged use. adjustability through a buckle design gives you the best fit every single time (and even the opportunity to change roles during sex).

Sexual submissiveness will be liberating in so many ways, allowing you to enjoy solely on the sensations your partner is endowing your body with. Something as simple as a sexy little accessory will get you in the right mindset for hot and steamy action.

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