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Unicorn Tails Plug

NS Novelties  |  UPC: 657447098093
$31.99 USD $43.99
Color: Purple

Product Overview

  • Pastel purple, polyester faux hair (no unicorns were harmed in the making of this product)
  • Medium sized, solid and flexible silicone butt plug with easy insert tapered design and flared base for safe carriage
  • Perfect cosplay, dress up or fantasy role play accessory, makes a great Halloween or fancy dress accessory, leaving others to wonder how you’re keeping that tail in!
  • The length of the tail will gently tug on the weight of the plug as you move, making it the perfect plaything within play as you or your partner tug, turn and twist it in time with other erotic sensations like intercourse or oral
  • Let the soft fibers trace across your skin or your partner, using the tail as part of foreplay, or thrill them with your own private show, giving them something to remember and a perfect intro to anal that night

Product Description

Fun and sexy, this unicorn tail butt plug is a medium size, silken silicone with tapered design for easy insert and safe retrieval with a flared base. A snug fit that feels like heaven, so you can tease yourself or your partner/audience with a stunning, flowing lock of beautiful, pastel purple, unicorn tail. Slightly larger than a beginner’s size, the unicorn tail butt plug suits experienced or more adventurous users, but can be enjoyed by any gender and experience level, just be sure and lubricate/relax into it for maximum pleasure.

Perfect for cosplay or accessorizing any sensual outfit or occasion, the funky, cute and magical unicorn tail butt plug lets you be part of your own fairy tale, where there’s always a happy ending…

Enjoy solo, or team up and have a tail of a time, with your friend or partner turning and tugging gently at your tail as you make love, or experience other forms of erotic play. Have a tail each, and experience the incredible sensations of internal stimulation while you both feel greater arousal, excitement and truly memorable, deep core orgasms.

The unicorn tail butt plug makes a great accessory outside the bedroom too. It can be worn under clothes, or through them (with minor adjustments), leaving others amazed at how much effort you put into your costume, and secretly wondering how you’re really keeping that tail in! Trace the long and flowing locks over yourself or your partner during sex or just teasing, keeping the source of the tail a secret surprise.

The perfect accessories are always the simplest, and the unicorn tail butt plug is easy to clean and lighter in color, so you can be sure the product really is clean when you’re done. The tail itself can be cleaned by sponging with warm soapy water, while the butt plug itself prefers toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and hot water.

Unicorn Tails Plug
NS Novelties

Unicorn Tails Plug

$31.99 USD $43.99







12" +

Insertable Length

0 - 5"


1" - 2"


Silicone, Fur

Power Type



Smooth Surface
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