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Shots Ouch Diamond Anal Plug

Shots  |  UPC: 8714273786241
$16.99 USD $23.99

Product Overview

  • Weighted, compact and smooth plug allows constant stimulation, at rest and is retained easily when moving
  • Larger, circular base aids retention/prevents travel, and features a dazzling diamond cut, sparkling, acrylic gem
  • Totally silent and hands free, can be worn under clothes without anyone knowing, or makes the ultimate bedroom/foreplay accessory for any gender to enjoy
  • Flexible, thinner stem is solid silicone, giving maximum reach plus flexibility, letting you enjoy a greater range of movement without pinching, or feeling unnatural
  • Waterproof and body safe, sleek and classic ergonomic design
  • Made for arousal and comfort as well as visual appeal

Product Description

The diamond anal plug is a weighted, solid silicone butt plug, featuring a flexible neck, classic shape for comfort and is set with a stunning, large acrylic diamond cut gem in its base. It makes the perfect visual and sensual accessory for your personal, partnered play, or for everyday wear, when you want to feel sexy and carry a weighty secret that thrills you, leaving others pondering how you’re always in such a good mood on ‘jeans day’ at work.

Moderate dimensions, and a silky smooth feel with flexible, narrow stem make it the perfect all day accessory, with all the fill and weight you need to feel sexy, and a flexibility that moves with you, letting you sit, jog, walk, or dance and make love, without worrying about where it’s going to end up. It retains well, and the stunning jeweled base acts as an anchor, preventing unwanted travel, as well as being luxurious eye candy for yourself or your audience.

Internally stimulating on its own, the diamond anal butt plug is even more stunning when used when masturbating, or during vaginal intercourse, oral play or clitoral/genital stimulation. Your body’s own reflexes as you’re aroused create micro movements which further tease and excite your erogenous zones. It can make for one mighty build up to, and exploding climax. Ideal as a first time plug or accessory, and certainly suitable for any gender and experience level.


Shots Ouch Diamond Anal Plug

Shots Ouch Diamond Anal Plug

$16.99 USD $23.99






0 - 3"

Insertable Length



1" - 2"


Silicone, Acrylic

Power Type



Smooth Surface
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