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Climax Ben Wa Balls With String

Topco  |  UPC: 51021030576
$18.99 $29.99

Product Overview

  • Utilize the ancient secrets of the ben wa balls to enhance internal strength, improve continence and empower your personal sexual technique
  • Easily inserted and retained, the balls are also easy to remove via the attached silicone strap
  • Designed for regular use, these can be worn internally for as long as you feel comfortable holding them
  • Use 1 or both at the same time for maximum weight from the solid glass spheres
  • Responsive to temperature and can be heated or cooled for an added thrill of erotic play
  • Nonporous glass and silicone makes for easy sanitizing, totally body safe for all users
  • Balls can be separated from the silicone straps for easy cleaning and storage

Product Description

For centuries, the secret of ben wa balls was held, giving the geisha and very few others the secret of their power. Today they are freely available, and encouraged to be used as part of kegel exercises, and for general toning and strengthening of the muscles that make up the pelvic floor. Additionally, the lining and the connected tissues, which can be greatly stretched/lax after childbirth, surgery (or just something that comes with age). These ben wa balls with string enable easier insertion and retrieval, and are solid glass with silicone, making them easier than ever to wear as you go about your day, or as part of erotic foreplay.

Both platinum cured silicone and glass are naturally nonporous, and move without friction when adequately lubricated. The ben wa balls with string are just under 4 inches in circumference, and can be inserted one at a time, or use both, with the flexing reaction essential to keep them retained. Also actually building up muscle tone as well as an inner eroticism, which most women find very exciting as they move around, or as part of anal or other stimulating play alone, or with a partner.

Another shared property of both glass and silicone, is that they can retain temperature longer than other materials. Once heated or cooled, these ben wa balls with string can add a new dimension to your internal toning exercises, or thrill you and your partner with sensual warmth, or a bracing edge of cold to further excite the senses. The balls are easily removed from the silicone straps for easy cleaning and storage, and the entire set is completely waterproof as well as body safe, using only certified, high-grade materials.


Climax Ben Wa Balls With String

Climax Ben Wa Balls With String

$18.99 $29.99







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Silicone, Glass

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Flexible, Phthalate-Free, Smooth Surface, Waterproof
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